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Some family photographs of various Hartas family members
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Eric Hartas - click for a larger version My father, Frederick (Eric) Hartas, 1929-1984, during his National Service in the RAF.

As he had already qualified as a pharmacist before doing his National Service, he said that he never saw any planes - he was in the dispensary all the time !

My paternal grandparents - John Hartas 1889-1962 and May Wiley, 1888-1961. Hartas Grandparents- click for a larger version
Dennis Hartas - click for a larger version Dennis Hartas, 1924-1994, and an air racing trophy he had won.

Always a keen flyer, he was a first officer for BEA and a member of the Tiger Club. Dennis was a first-cousin, once removed.

A Hartas family gathering, circa 1957, in Hartlepool.

My father is on the back row to the left and my mother on the right holding my big sister, Anne.

Hartas Family Gathering- click for a larger version
Hartlepool Cricketers 1897 - click for a larger version Charity Cricket Carnival, West Hartlepool, 1897, featuring my great-grandfather John Hartas, 1856-?
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